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METACO, AlgoTrader and Cysec announce a strategic partnership

Thursday 27 June 2019

Three Swiss fintech startups have joined forces to create a technology solution that allows financial institutions to seamlessly integrate, manage and trade cryptocurrencies and other cryptoassets.

The Vaud-based startups Metaco and Cysec have joined forces with Zurich-based AlgoTrader in a strategic partnership. The three companies have implemented a technology solution that allows financial institutions, including banks, to seamlessly manage and trade cryptoassets.

Cysec (formerly ArcaTrust) has supplied the highly secure hardware for key and software management, the Hardware Security Module, which is used to generate, store and protect cryptographic keys in order to protect and secure cryptocurrencies and ensure the proper distribution of the software that will interact with these keys. Metaco provided its SILO product, which is an ultra-secure portfolio system for storing cryptocurrencies. Designed for financial institutions, the solution offers an integrated virtual portfolio management system. AlgoTrader delivers an algorithmic solution that allows the purchase and sale of cryptoassets.

Towards a generalized tokenisation

"We are heading towards the tokenization of our economy by ensuring that its foundations are safe and well integrated, which is not just an option, but an imperative. For this reason, METACO only works with partners who excel at what they do and share this vision. AlgoTrader and Cysec are two exceptional Swiss companies with whom I am very happy to work. AlgoTrader has a proven track record of development and commercial success in executing transactions. Cysec has an exceptional Swiss-made hardware solution specifically designed for digital asset management that will enhance our product offering by powering the SILO platform - in the same way as we are already doing with Guardtime's military equipment," says Adrien Treccani, CEO and founder of METACO.

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