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EPFL launches new Center for Quantum Science and Engineering

Tuesday 31 August 2021

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EPFL’s new Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (QSE Center) will establish and promote programs for cross-disciplinary research, education and innovation in the fields of quantum science and engineering.

By setting up the QSE Center, EPFL aims to coordinate efforts across the board to develop and implement quantum technology in applications that span all disciplines of science and engineering.

“Developing quantum technology is an incredible venture that puts us face to face with unprecedented scientific and engineering challenges. Meeting these challenges requires a concerted effort from all technical disciplines – physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science and engineering – more so than for any previous kind of technological development,” says Prof. Vincenzo Savona, the head of EPFL’s Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of Nanosystems. “EPFL has a long history of excellence and leadership in these various disciplines and occupies a unique strategic position in quantum science and engineering, both in Switzerland and worldwide.”

Prof. Savona, whose expertise spans quantum optics, open quantum systems and quantum information, will be the QSE Center’s first director.

Paving the way for major technological advancements

Research at the QSE Center will focus on two main areas. The first is quantum computing, with the aim of developing and implementing quantum algorithms as well as the computer programs needed to use them.

The second research area will involve studying integrated, hybrid and scalable systems using EPFL’s advanced nano-fabrication facilities. This will pave the way to technological advancements in quantum hardware, quantum sensing and quantum communications.

The QSE Center will draw on the wide range of skills in quantum science and engineering already available in Switzerland. For instance, it intends to work closely with the University of Geneva through joint R&D projects and jointly hold classes for Master’s and PhD students.

In addition, the QSE Center will promote research and innovation by holding events such as workshops, conferences, and programs on specific topics, bringing selected experts to EPFL for long-term stays. These events will foster interaction and collaboration and stimulate creative thinking and progress.

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