Energy and the environment

Technology for future generations

With very little traditional natural resources, Switzerland and the Greater Geneva Bern area have become pioneers in the fields of renewable energies:  solar energy, wind power, biomass, biodiesel and biogas, geothermal engineering and hydropower.
Today, the Great Geneva Bern area has gained both academic expertise and cutting-edge know-how in sectors such as photovoltaic systems, small-scale hydropower, waste recovery and recycling, smart grids, industrial ecology, energy efficiency, as well as eco-mobility and enabling technologies.

Network and expertise

The Greater Geneva Bern area is home to numerous company incubators, technology parks and centers of excellence offering the latest infrastructure to support the development of innovative products and services in the field of energy and environmental technologies.  The association energie-cluster.ch offers technology and knowledge transfer services as well as continuing education to companies active in energy and green technologies.  CleantechAlps is a regional mechanism providing support and international visibility for start-ups and SMEs in the field of cleantech.
blueFACTORY hosts companies and platforms related to sustainable development and environmental protection.  TecOrbe, the Technopôle de l’Environnement d’Orbe focuses principally on renewable energies and offers the companies it hosts a diverse range of support mechanisms to foster the development of their activities.  Strengthened by this invaluable support network, the region provides fertile ground in which companies such as Applied Materials, Meyer Burger, SunPower Systems, DuPont and Frewitt can thrive.

A center of applied research

Cleantech companies in the Greater Genevea Bern area can find numerous possibilities for collaboration with world-renowned research institutes.  The Energy Center of the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) promotes projects and multidisciplinary research networks in the development of sustainable technologies, with a particular emphasis on energy transportation, distribution and storage. Energypolis brings together under one roof the principal players in education, research and technology transfer in the field of large-scale hydropower.  The Centre suisse d’électronique et de microtechnique (CSEM) specializes in photovoltaic systems, among other technologies.

Solar Impulse, a prototype promoting cleantech

An innovative adventure born in Switzerland, the Solar Impulse project has set out to prove that clean technologies can change the world.  The solar airplane, conceived by Swiss pioneers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, has been built to fly day and night without using any fossil fuels.
In accomplishing the first round-the-world flight using exclusively solar energy, Solar Impulse hopes to promote the use of renewable energies and to foster the development of new solutions to environmental problems.

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