Banking, finance and trading

A strong financial center

The Swiss financial center is extremely important to the national economy, as its contribution to GDP is higher than 10%.  The country is the world leader in cross-border wealth management, with more than 7,290 billion CHF in

assets under management, 50% of which come from abroad.  Geneva and Zurich are among the world’s principal financial centers.

At the heart of international trade

With companies such as Cargill, Bunge, Mercuria, Vitol, Litasco or Trafigura, Geneva is one of the most important centers for international trade.
Half of global transactions in coffee and sugar and more than a third of transactions in oil, cereal and rice take place in the city.

Access to financing

The Swiss Stock Exchange provides companies with access to a pool of international investors.  Companies searching for capital will find trusted, long-term creditors offering attractive terms and conditions.  The country also contributes to this favorable investment climate, offering tax incentives for venture capital financing, for example.  The healthy competition in the banking sector is an indication of how well the credit market functions in Switzerland, which is a significant benefit to companies.

Key figures from the banking, finance and trading sectors

  • CHF 7,290 billion assets under management
  • CHF 60 billion of gross value added
  • 207,500 jobs

Sources: Swissbanking.org – Banking Barometer 2018

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