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The Greater Geneva Bern area recognizes the essential role foreign direct investment plays in the region’s industrial success and as a result, the government maintains its open and hospitable policies toward foreign companies.  Entrepreneurs of foreign companies are welcome and, under certain circumstances, can take advantage of various investment incentives.

Efficient company formation

Companies and entrepreneurs can form an entity quickly and easily.  In most cases, the legal formalities of creating a company take only two to four weeks and generally cost less than CHF 5,000.
In principle, anyone in Switzerland can own a business, or create and invest in a company on the condition that the person signing the official documents be a resident of Switzerland.

Direct access to government representatives

As a result of the country’s federal structure, investing companies have easy access to decision-makers in the government, far more so than in other countries which have a centralized government.  The GGBa’s representatives have long-standing relationships with the cantonal government representatives in key areas such as taxation.  The strength of these relationships can facilitate the set-up process and avoid administrative delays.

A privileged investment process

Switzerland is a liberal country with economic policies designed to create and maintain favorable framework conditions for entrepreneurs.  Every canton has a number of tools at its disposal to support investors.  Depending on the project and the value it brings, most notably in terms of job creation, the cantonal authorities can provide either financial assistance or tax relief.

Support for investment

The cantons of the GGBa offer a full range of investment incentives for foreign companies looking to start their activities in the region as well as for newly-created companies.  These measures may include:
  • Identification of land and commercial premises
  • Financial contributions to the costs of surveys and industrial land use studies
  • Financial contributions for industrial building renovation
  • Tax relief measures
  • Rulings
  • Loan guarantees
  • Coverage for interest payments
  • Interest-free loans or loans at preferential interest rates
  • One-time subsidies
  • Support for innovation
  • Employment grants
  • Education and training allowances
  • Unemployment insurance allowance


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