An international and multilingual environment

Openness towards the world and tolerance

Very few regions in the world are as international and multilingual as the Greater Geneva Bern area (GGBa).  From Bern in the east to Geneva in the west, at least one-fifth of the population (and in some cases, even more) comes from abroad.  These newly-arrived residents contribute to the prosperity of the companies located here by renewing the intellectual capital and bringing a new energy.  The international character of the region and its tolerant and safe environment make the GGBa an ideal location for the blending of cultures and for doing business.

Linguistic and cultural richness

With French and German as the two official languages in the region, companies here benefit from access to the two largest linguistic and cultural communities in Europe.  Italian is also spoken here, as it is the third national language and English is widely spoken in business.

A cosmopolitan region

The diversity of the organizations within the GGBa is impressive. Major consumer brands are nurtured and developed here, while the region is also home to dozens of international organizations – including the main UN agencies – over 750 international non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations (NGOs and IGOs) and more than 4’700 diplomatic missions and consulates.

Neutrality and international cooperation

Diplomacy, humanitarian aid, and the international network are at the heart of Switzerland’s policy of neutrality.  Switzerland has been an official member of the United Nations since 2002, but it has been actively engaged in the institutions of the UN for much longer.  For example, Switzerland is a member of economic and trade organizations, such as the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).  Furthermore, Switzerland represents the interests of countries which do not maintain diplomatic relations with other third party countries.


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