A unique meeting point of French and German cultures

Regional diversity

The Greater Geneva Bern area is where French and German cultures blend most effectively in Switzerland.  The teaching of German and French at school is required by all the cantons in the GGBa, three of which are officially bilingual, namely, Bern, Fribourg and Valais.

A position of strength

Located between Germany and France, the geographic position of the Greater Geneva Bern area is ideal for fostering exchanges and for doing business with Europe’s principal economies.  Creating or relocating your business in Switzerland allows you to take advantage of a workforce that speaks either French or German, or both languages.
In this way, companies can benefit from immediate access to Europe’s two largest markets.  Many of the Greater Geneva Bern area’s residents speak a third language fluently, and most universities offer advanced courses in English.

Multilingualism and multiculturalism

With Switzerland’s founding alliance coming from German-speaking, French-speaking and Italian-speaking territories 700 years ago, potential investors can rest assured that they will be welcomed with the openness traditionally associated with the country, regardless of the language they speak.  Today, Switzerland has one of Europe’s highest proportions of foreigners residing in the country.


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