A liberal business environment

A favorable framework for investment

It is not by chance that Switzerland has held the top position in global competitiveness rankings (published by the World Economic Forum) for so many years.  Switzerland has one of the most liberal and competitive economies in the world.  Strengthened by its social stability, moderate taxation and an extremely stable political system, the country is attractive on a global level.  Its geographic location at the center of Europe is an additional advantage.

A stable and transparent political system

The federal structure fosters a strong relationship between the economy and the population.  Swiss citizens participate directly in the political process through referendums, initiatives and grassroots campaigns.  This stable and transparent political system allows investors to make decisions over the long term.

Strong social stability

The first-class healthcare and educational systems, as well as the excellent labor relations in the country, contribute to the productive and reliable business environment.  Switzerland has some of the most flexible labor laws, and organized labor strikes are extremely rare.  Switzerland has the fewest number of strike days per employee when compared to other countries.

An efficient banking and financial system

The financial sector contributes 10% of Switzerland’s GDP and employs approximately 222,000 persons. It has a long tradition in banking services and insurance and is known for its stability and strength, the quality of its services and infrastructure, and the competence of its employees.  The sector benefits from favorable legislation, moderate taxation, the stability of the Swiss franc, and an effective and consistent oversight of the financial market.  Companies can take advantage of high quality services with regard to financing, bank transfers and wealth management.

A stable currency

Switzerland has a reputation for economic and monetary stability.  For decades, the Swiss franc has been one of the most highly sought after currencies and its role as a safe haven is confirmed crisis after crisis.  In addition, the low inflation rate guarantees stable purchasing power and attractive interest rates.  The elimination of the exchange rate ceiling of CHF 1.20 to EUR 1.00 had no impact on Switzerland’s attractiveness.  A study conducted by the consulting firm A.T. Kearney indicates that Switzerland remains one of the most attractive countries for investment despite the strength of the Swiss franc.


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