A highly qualified and productive workforce

Multidisciplinary know-how

The Greater Geneva Bern area benefits from a well-developed higher educational system, as well as a competitive advantage in international trade, international relations, finance, medical and climate research, engineering and other high value-added industries, all of which have been fostered by the know-how developed in the watch-making industry.  The proximity to the higher educational institutions working at the cutting edge of fundamental and applied research provides both small companies and large international companies alike with a thoroughly qualified talent pool.

High productivity of the Swiss workforce

Switzerland is very competitive in terms of workforce productivity as a result of the high employment rate, longer working hours (40-44 hours per week), and less vacation (4-5 weeks per year) compared to neighboring countries.  The rate of employee absenteeism is very low, and labor strikes are extremely rare.

Multilingual employees

Companies which choose to invest in Switzerland in the Greater Geneva Bern area can be assured that their employees will speak their customers’ language.  The teaching of German and French at school is required in all the cantons of the GGBa, three of which are officially bilingual, namely, Bern, Fribourg and Valais. Employees generally speak two or three languages (either French or German, and English, and often Italian or Spanish).  A growing number of companies have adopted English as the principal working language.  Managers in the region have solid international experience.

Switzerland: a magnet for talent

The excellent living and working conditions that Switzerland offers explains why talents from all over the world are drawn here.  The dense concentration of professional talent is also the result of the bilateral agreements with the European Union covering the free movement of persons.  Through these agreements, companies can recruit employees from any European country, which makes finding qualified employees relatively simple.

Ability to develop, attract and retain talent

  • 1. Switzerland
  • 2. Denmark
  • 3. Luxembourg
  • 4. Iceland
  • 5. Sweden
Source: IMD World Talent Ranking 2020

Unparalleled motivation

Highly qualified and multilingual, reliable and competent, Swiss employees are also ranked as the most highly motivated in an international comparison.

Moderate employment taxes for companies and individuals

People living and working in Switzerland are fortunate to have a high quality social safety net.  The social security system is financed equally by employers and employees, with the exception of accident insurance, family allocations and optional individual retirement and old-age contributions.  The social security system is based on three pillars:  the public social security
system, which covers essential needs and which is required for every person living or working in Switzerland; company pension plans, which are designed to help the beneficiary maintain a certain standard of living after retirement; and individual retirement insurance.  Contributions to social security are fairly moderate as a whole for both companies and individuals.


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